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Aonijie Massage Gun Traveler

The Aonijie massage gun uses strong high-frequency vibration to stimulate the deep fascia. It can loosen tight and stiff muscles, gently reducing pain and discomfort caused by exercise.

Wireless convenience allows you to work your muscles on the go no matter where you are.


In order to avoid damage to muscles and iliac bones caused by massage on the same part for too long, the Aonijie massage gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection. The fascia gun will automatically stop after 10 minutes of continuous use.


4 types of different massage heads included to target every muscle group.


USB rechargable.



  • Speed: 3 Speed settings
  • Weight: 0.45KG
  • Battery: Lithium battery
  • Material: PC,Nano-silica
  • Voltage: AC 220V-50Hz
  • Operating temperature:-10 to 40℃

Aonijie Massage Gun Traveler

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