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Ambassador Application 2023

It's the time of year again when Aonijie ZA chooses its new ambassadors. Applications will close on 28 February 2023.

All applications will be reviewed and we will introduce our new ambassadors during the course of March 2023.


There will be 5 categories you can apply for. Each is completely different from the other allowing different runners with uniquely different strengths to apply. 

The different categories you can apply for are the following:

1. The Victor- You are a conqueror and strive for a place on the podium. You are a trailblazer and equipped with knowledge.

 Let Aonijie supply you with all the gear to make your next event effortless.

2. The Enthusiast - You are the type of person who has been an Aonijie fan for a while. Someone who is excited about Aonijie and what it offers as a brand. You probably already have some Aonijie running gear. This is the chance to complete your kit.


3. The Gear Expert -  You are the gear junky in your running group. You know running gear by its "Specs". Comparing brands and products is your hobby. Apply and see what makes Aonijie gear special.

4. The Guide - Everybody wants to run with you. You're fun and easy to chat with. Most of the time a "Guide" showing new runners the way or a cool new trail you've explored. Get kitted to show you know what you're talking about.

5. The Celebrity - You're the freshest runner on the trail. The one people spot and know from a distance. Always needing the newest kit to showcase your personal brand can become expensive. Let us worry about the gear and you can just focus on flaunting it.

To qualify you must be open to adhere to monthly campaign guidelines. Supply us with quality photos in our gear. Open to share product reviews and attend photoshoots.

Each ambassador will receive a running kit to the value of R3000-R5000!

Apply now and you could be one of our next ambassadors rocking our gear.

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