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Tenisha Roos

Your Favourite Trail run race?

My favourite trail run race is the Langeberg Skyrace. That mountain is magnificent and the trail itself is absolutely breathtaking. It keeps you on your toes and does not allow any slacking.

Your Favourite Local Trail run?

I love the Stellenbosch Three peaks challenge route. I grew up in Stellenbosch and I love these mountains. I am a sucker for a technical route that involves lots of climbing. The reward of beautiful views out ways the suffering on the climbs.

What got you into trail running, what do you love about it?

I was raised in Stellenbosch and Jonkershoek Nature Reserve was basically my backyard, how could you not run in a place like that. I have always been an introvert and was looking for a place to grow and experience nature on a different level. I love to experience the power of the mountain and the thrill of the unknown. There is always more to see as life on the mountains are everchanging. I enjoy seeing animals and getting to know the flora of each area I choose to explore. The beauty of the trails and its surroundings is more than enough to keep me going. I love sharing these moments and runs with friends and showing them around if they are unfamiliar with an area.

What are your trail aspirations?

My main goal is to start doing ultras. I love long distance running, especially if there is lots of climbing involved.

What is your biggest achievement or race you completed?

Over the last couple of years, I have gotten out of my comfort zone and started believing in myself and my capabilities. I have started completing the challenges I have always dreamed about and shared great experiences with like-minded people. I consider the fact that I have found my true passion and keep on training and improving myself as one of my biggest achievements.

Tenisha Roos
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