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Antonio Gambino

Your Favourite Trail run race?

I absolutely adore every aspect of the UTCT 100km event, from the exhilarating broadcast to the enthusiastic crowd cheers. This race offers a diverse range of terrains, including jeep tracks, single tracks, and challenging techical tracks. With a 24-hour time limit, running under the night sky is also incorporated into the experience. Fortunately, I had a supportive crew who took care of me at different checkpoints, making it the best trail running encounter I've ever had!

Your Favourite Local Trail run?

Newlands Forest presents an abundance of trail options, allowing you to select your desired level of elevation for your training run. The interconnected trails seamlessly span from Constantia to Town, providing a diverse and extensive network of trails to explore.

What got you into trail running, what do you love about it?

On the first day of lockdown level 3, I eagerly ventured onto the trails for the very first time. Craving a change from the confines of home, I discovered a revitalizing escape on the trails, filling my lungs with a much-needed breath of fresh air. What captivates me the most is the way it effortlessly diverts my attention away from daily concerns, as I immerse myself in navigating the diverse terrain.

What are your trail aspirations?

My trail running ambitions encompass participating in races across South Africa, such as UTD, George MUT, Cederberg races, ADDO, and exploring events throughout the world, including Cappadicia, Western States 100, and UTMB. Specifically, I envision my inaugural 100-mile race to be Karkloof.

What is your biggest achievement or race you completed?

My most significant running accomplishment thus far has been successfully completing the UTCT 100km race in 2022. It stands out as the most enjoyable trail race I've ever experienced, as I didn't experience any cramps and maintained a constant smile throughout. I am truly exhilarated and looking forward to participating in many more races in the future!

Antonio Gambino
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